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Marine Corps grooming standards are in place to conform Marines to a singular uniform look. Another reason for hair regulations is to maintain uniformity within a military population. They keep us from being too eccentric and while in Garrison they help us to keep a professional look about us at all times. They keep us from just “looking like everyone else,” and help us to stay a cut above the rest. Male marines are known as “jarheads” because of their haircuts. Female marines can be pointed out by the tight bun and slicked back hair. Marines throughout history have always stood out from other branches for many reasons one being their grooming. The hair cut regulations are stated as an even fade from 0 to no more than 3” on the top of the head as long as the hair doesn’t interfere with any uniform article. There can be no eccentric designs or anything shaved into one’s head. For females the hair must be wrapped in a tight bun in the center of the back of the head not to exceed 3 inches from the scalp and be no wider than the width of one’s head. Females can wear bangs but they can not fall into the line of sight and can’t affect the wearing of any headgear. For both male and female bleaches, tints, and dyes are authorized as long as they give a natural appearance. Women's hairstyles require non-eccentric styles. Female Marines must be well groomed at all times and when in uniform have to abide by the following guidelines: “Hair may touch the collar, but will not fall below the collar's lower edge. Hair that would fall naturally below the collar's lower edge will be neatly and inconspicuously fastened or pinned. During physical training periods in which physical training clothing is worn, hair will be allowed to fall naturally, without being fastened or pinned. This does not apply when conducting physical training in the utility uniform. Hair will be styled so as not to interfere with the proper wear of the uniform headgear. All headgear will fit snugly and comfortably around the largest part of the head without distortion or excessive gaps. Hairstyles which do not allow the headgear to be worn in this manner are prohibited. Faddish and exaggerated styles to include shaved portions of the scalp other than the neckline, designs cut in the hair, unsecured ponytails and styles which are distinctly unbalanced or lopsided are prohibited. Multiple braiding is authorized. If hair extensions are used in the braiding of the hair, the extensions must have the same general appearance as the individual's natural hair. Braided hairstyles will be conservative, and conform to other guidelines listed herein. Barrettes, combs, rubber bands, etc. are authorized, if concealed by the hair. Inconspicuous hair pins and bobby pins, if required, are authorized. Hair nets will not be worn unless authorized for a specific type of duty. Wigs, if worn in uniform, must look natural and conform to the above regulations. No female Marine will be required to remove leg hair except where considered unsightly and cannot be covered with appropriate hosiery.”

y dilemma was that my hair was said to be out of regulation. After reading over the order I have come to find that my hair actually was in regulation because my highlights were very similar to my natural hair color and did not cause a distraction. My hair also matches my complexion. However, the lowlights could have been considered to dark compared to my all over hair color. I have made corrections to my hair color and there is now no speculation that my hair color is completely in regulation. Also my bun is in regulation. I have my hair secured in a tight bun that does not exceed three inches from my scalp nor the width of my head. I do not wear my bangs down...
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