Hair Oil Marketing Plan

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  • Published : October 31, 2011
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Marketing Plan
(Silk ‘n’ Shine Hair Oil)





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Executive Summary 1.1 Situation Overview 1.2 Target Audience 1.3 Positioning 1.4 Key Benefits 1.5 Objectives 1.6 Schedule 1.7 Budget 1.8 International 1.9 Risks & Mitigations Marketing Launch Strategies 2.1 Objective 1 2.1.1 Strategy 2.2 Objective 2 2.2.1 Strategy 2.3 Objective 3 2.3.1 Strategy Plans & Deliverables by Department/Function 3.1 Public Relations 3.2 Advertising 3.3 Trade Shows 3.4 Direct Marketing 3.5 Events 3.6 Web marketing 3.7 Web sales 3.8 Channel/partner marketing Pricing International Technical Support, Customer Service Risk Analysis 7.1 Risk 1 Mitigation Plan 7.2 Risk 2 7.3 Risk 3 7.4 Risk 4 Glossary Appendix:Consumer Behaviour Survey: Hair Oil

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Executive Summary Situation Overview

The hair care industry has grown a lot in the recent years. The reason can be attributed to the fact that a large portion of our Indian population is using higher quality branded products. Of the estimated Rs.1, 611 billion FMCG market in India, hair care products make up approximately Rs.91.5 billion, or 8%, of the total according the Nielsen Retail Audit Report. The 14% growth rate in the hair care industry is also slightly higher than the overall industry average of 13.4%. Shampoo and hair oils, including coconut oils, continue to be the key components of this segment. The marketing startegy of rural distribution campaigns adopted by the hair oil manufacturers and dealers have helped to greatly expand the geographic coverage of hair oil products into the rural parts of the country. In addition, average prices for hair oil products have risen from Rs. 22.25 per 100 ml in 2008 to Rs.23.74 per 100 ml in 2009 according to the Nielsen Retail Audit Report. Hair Oil Categories There are three main categories of hair oil in India: The light hair oil segment has experienced significant growth in recent years as consumers opt for lighter, more modern hair oil products. The light hair oil segment recorded sales of Rs.6,828 million in 2009 according to the Nielsen Retail Audit Report. Light hair oil is an urban dominated segment primarily due to its comparatively high cost & is more geographically concentrated, in the northern states of Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, due to higher disposable incomes and the propensity of consumers to try new products. The northern regions accounted for approximately 52% of sales volumes and grew by 10% (volume growth) in FY 2009-10 according to the Nielsen Retail Audit Report. The heavy amla hair oil segment has seen strong growth in recent years. The heavy amla hair oil market is primarily an urban driven market and tends to be geographically concentrated in the northern parts of the country. The heavy amla hair oil segment recorded sales of Rs.7, 370 million in FY 2009-10, representing a growth rate of 4.7% from FY 2008-09, according to the Nielsen Retail Audit Report. Cooling Oils have emerged as an important segment in the Indian hair oil market. Cooling oils are hair oils meant for cooling the scalp during the harsh summer months. The ingredients in the cooling oils cause immediate relief by cooling the scalp. The CAGR of the category has been 20% over the last 5 years. The cooling oil category is now nearly Rs. 7,000 million in the financial year ended March 31, 2010. 3

1.2 Target Audience Everyone uses hair oils. But, the product we will be launching is ‘a perfumed light hair oil with nourishments’. We will be targeting the urban market with this product. It will have two different versions for men and women. The target age group will be 15 to 35. 1.3 Positioning It will be a premium / high-end product. It will be a unique product which will have a great fragrance along with all the nourishments that the existing players provide. 1.4 • • • • • • Key Benefits Long and Strong Hairs Dandruff...
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