Hair Mask for Grey Hairs

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Hair Mask for Grey Hair
To convert grey hair into black, make your own hair mask, Mix olive oil and a mashed banana and apply it on your hair. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes before a wash. Apply this hair mask once a week for about two months and then stop. You can start this routine again after two months

Drinking carrot juice everyday helps to keep hair black, it will help to overcome grey hair problem. Henna leaves if boiled in coconut oil can be applied as a paste in the hair and washed after an hour of application. Coconut oil and henna make hair black. Applying onion paste on the scalp for few days before taking bath helps grey hair to turn black gradually. To get dark brown colored hair, Soak a mixture of Henna powder and Indian Gooseberry powder ( Amla / Phyllanthus Emblica ) overnight in a metal container. The thick mixture may be applied to the hair strands with a brush. Cover with a plastic cap and leave on for at least 2 hours. Wash with soft water to find dark brown, soft and silky hair. Hair Growth Tip:Heat pure coconut oil or almond oil, and apply it on your hair once a week will grow new hair.Take 50 ml of coconut hair, heat it and add three flakes of garlic (squeeze the garlic juice into the oil) and four peppercorns (crush them into the oil). Let the oil cool by itself and then massage this oil into the hair. Regular application, will stimulate hair growth and result in healthy voluminous hair over time. To develop long and lustrous hair, wash the head frequently with a mixture of 3-4 tbsp besan (Bengal gram flour) mixed with cup curd. Get

Add some milk and coconut oil, make a rich paste, apply to your hair. This will increase hair growth and reduce hair fall and will give shine to ur hair and also make ur hair soft.

Use a mixture of castor, olive and almond oil for dry long and thick hair, just make a mixture, warmit and rub it in your scalp...leave it for 1-3 hours then wash it.

Olive Oil Hair Mask Mix 5 tablespoon of olive oil with 2 eggs. Apply throughly to hair. Wrap head with plastic wrap or a shower cap. After 15 minutes rinse well

Natural Hair Tonic
If you lose your hair, try drinking this, blend bananas with honey, yoghurt & low-fat milk. A drink rich in biotin can help keep your crowning glory firmly rooted. The oil from the amla, prepared by boiling dry pieces of amla in coconut oil, is a hair tonic for enriching hair growth and prevent hair loss

Curry leaves are boiled in coconut oil and the mixture can be applied to the hair to prevent formation of white hair. Massage the scalp with coconut oil (with lemon) or almond oil. Vegetable and essential oil also contain nutrients for slowing the greying of hair. Here is a very good natural remedy for gray hair.

Ingredients :
250 Gms mehendi [old and of a good quality]
2 spoons Amla powder
2 spoon Shikakai powder
2 spoon Aritha powder
Method :
Mix all of these together. Dissolve half a cup of coffee powder in water and boil it. When it cools, mix all the ingredients and make a smooth paste. Keep this paste for 12 hours. Before applying to hair, add some curd to it. Instead of curd you can also use an egg. Hair should be preferably clean and specifically not oily before applying this paste or else the treatment won't work. Wash off the hair pack after 4 hours. Take this treatment once in every 15 days regularly to effectively darken gray hair and reduce their further appearance

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