Hair Color Shampoo Marketing Report

Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Color Pages: 18 (4473 words) Published: November 12, 2010
For our product we decided to survey the market and then carefully choose a level of segmentation. We choose segment marketing i.e. identify large groups within the market with similar characteristics and target either one or a few of them. This decision was based on the fact that although the market consisted of people with the same need i.e. to colour and shampoo their hair, but the market varied in other characteristics. The segments we choose to target consisted of people who wish to colour their hair to hide their gray hair and also people who would like to colour their hair just for the style. All our strategies and positioning is targeted towards these segments. Due to the restraint of resources we also decided to market the product in selected cities of Pakistan, to start with, namely Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Hairsation plans to serve the age group 20 and above, both male and female because our target market not only consists of those veterans who color their hairs to cover the gray and to look young and smart but also the young generation who are fashion conscious and want to have a new look by giving their hairs a new color. As our target market we have included middle, upper middle and upper class whose incomes are Rs. 20000 and above because most of the people using hair colors or getting their hairs streaked or bleached fall into this category.

|Demographics | |Age |20 and above | |Gender |Male and female | |Income |Rs. 20000 + | |Social class |Middle class, upper middles, upper class. |

Behavioral Factors
Hairsation hair coloring shampoo provides benefits such as Beautiful different colors with convenience of shampooing thus keeping you up to fashion and giving a smart look and is meant for Regular, occasion and special occasion users and is expected to be used by heavy users and light users. Heavy user market consists of those who shampoo almost daily and also want to maintain or change their hair color with Hairsation as well as light users who shampoo twice or thrice a week. As far as the buyer’s readiness stage is concerned, most of the people (according to our survey) are aware of hair colors and but are uninformed about a hair coloring shampoo as this for the first time in Pakistan that a hair coloring shampoo in a liquid form is being introduced, consequently resulting in enthusiastic and positive response.

|Behavioral | |Purchase occasion |Regular, occasion and special occasion. | |Benefits |Beautiful different colors with convenience of shampooing thus | | |keeping you up to fashion and giving a smart look. | |User status |Potential users, first time users and regular users of hair | | |colors | |Usage rate |Heavy users and light users | |Readiness stage |Aware but...
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