Hair and Skin

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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In the subject hair and skin there’s a lot pf professions on that category. Such as dermatologist, Hair restoration and transplant surgeon, plastic surgeon, pediatric plastic surgeon, craniofacial surgeon, and dermatopathologist. A dermatologist is a specialist of the skin, A hair restorationist is a surgeon that stitches hair follicles back on the scalp, A transplant surgeon transplants donated organs in somebody who needs them, Plastic surgeon are medical doctors who specialize in remodeling and reconstructing areas of the body, Plastic pediatric surgeon are surgeons that operate on baby that have birth defects, Craniofacial surgeon is a surgical subspecialty that deals with congenital and acquired deformities of the skull, face, and jaws. Plastic surgeons starting salary is up to 273,00 per year their average salary is 382,000 per year for plastic surgeons in their sixth year of practice. The highest salary is 820,000. For a current median an expected amount of salary for a plastic surgeon in the U.S would be 286,549. The path of becoming a plastic surgeon is a long and demanding way. Students must complete many levels of training and education beginning with obtaining a bachelors degree in a pre-medical major such as biology or chemistry. After completing pre-medical school you enter medical school, then you should see a Doctor of Medicine or the Doctor of Osteopathic medicine from an accredited medical school. During the first two years of medical school student split their time between classroom studies and laboratory work and for the last two years doctors place students in hospitals and clinics. After medical school plastic surgeon complete 5 to 6 years of residency training during this period of time they split their time between surgery and plastic surgery.` A plastic surgeon deal with face repair, reconstruction, or replacement of physical defects of form or functions involving the skin, musculoskeletal system, head and...
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