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Marcella Maroki

Reflecting through my school years, I think back to all the influences who helped shape and mold the person I am today. Everything from proper nouns to common courtesy…It was all laid out for me. One teacher that impacted me from day 1 was my junior year Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Kang. She was an amazing teacher who truly left her imprints on not only my education, but my heart. At first Chemistry was a bit challenging after a constant effort she suggested that I come in daily for before and after school tutoring. I took Mrs. Kang up on her offer and after daily sessions I began to not only improve my Chemistry work, but throughout the time with her I began slowly opening up. After consistent deep and open conversations we discussed everything from my personal life to my educational path. She was taken back that my thoughts on high school were where they were at. In a way disappointed that my view of grades nine through 12 were a complete joke. I felt that it didn’t matter and College was the bigger picture. I also mentioned that school in my opinion wasn’t my thing. She immediately corrected me informing me that I was actually quite the intellectual one and that I could do anything I put my mind to. After that conversation my Chemistry grade immediately sky rocketed. She had given me that confidence boost I clearly needed. After succeeding in one of my classes I thought back all of my school years. Not just the years but my complete educational path. Through out middle school we were each implanted with the motto “ Believe, Achieve, Succeed.” After thinking back, it all clicked. I had slacked off and pushed everything so far back that I had completely forgotten what I truly knew and what I was so clearly capable of. I had doubted myself for years all for nothing. The potential was there it was just all on me. Once I had applied myself to Chemistry, my grade went up. Once my grade was where I wanted it I realized I had a passion for Chemistry....
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