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Five seven then five
Are the syllables in them
On each single line

Everything is new
In spring everything’s reborn
Spring is really cool

Creative writing
Creative writing
I love to write poetry
No one else here does

Castles were real big
No one uses them today
Except royalty

Stories are O.K.
But for me poetry’s best
I don’t write stories

Math is the greatest
Of all math is the coolest
Second to writing

Cats are really great
Cats are the best kind of pets
Cats are better than dogs

Enemies that I hate
I don’t hate they hate me
Why do they hate me?


Smart girl
I know a smart girl
Doesn’t know I exist
But I know her well

I am a poet
I am a poetry lover
I write poetry

I really love poetry,
It’s my favorite subject,
Of all the writing it’s the best.
There are haiku and sonnets,
And also cinquains.
Haiku are the best,
They’re short and sweet,
They’re easy to write and to recite.
I know this poem doesn’t rhyme,
I know it’s not right,
But it’s my longest one,
Haiku and cinquains are really short,
They have limits,
Of lines and syllables.
I know I’m no professional,
Like Robert Frost,
But I think my poetry’s good,
Although I love haiku,
Long poems are good too.
I think poems are better than stories,
Shorter and sweeter,
With lots more meaning.
This poem was great,
But it will end.
Thanks for reading,
Or listening.
I hope you liked it.

-Octavio Lopez


Magic is cool
Magicians perform it
I don’t believe in it any

Mythical creatures
I think most of them are fake
I’ve never seen them

Orange is a fruit
It’s also a great color
My favorite one

School is real boring
Except for hanging with friends
That is really fun

Creative writing
Creative writing
I love to write poetry
They don’t do it here

Cinquains are awesome
But haiku are better
I like haiku more



The taste of salty water in my mouth
The feel of warm sand against my feet
And of the cold water as I swim
The waves crashing against the shore
The golden sand
The salty smell of water
Seagulls diving into the ocean looking for fish
Crabs pinching people
The comfort of the soft sand
The fun of the beach games
All that is what I wish I had

Dark poetry?
Dark poetry
What is that?
It makes some people popular
But others look lame
Why is that?
I’ve been writing poetry for a long time
I have never been recognized
A kid just started doing it
And suddenly he is popular
Girls follow him around
Why is life so unfair?
I’ve written one hundred poems or more
But he’s only written one
And he suddenly is a “Poet”
It’s all Dark Poetry’s fault
What is Dark Poetry?



Red is a color
Red is almost like orange
Red is really cool

I Have A Dream!
I Have A Dream! Speech
MLK is famous for it
It changed the US

I Have a Dream Too!

I have a dream that one day this nation will stop global warming and the extinction of animals. I have a dream that one day pollution will cease to exist.
I have a dream today!
I have a dream that hybrid cars will be more affordable.
I have a dream today!
I have a dream that pollution will stop and acid rain will no longer be. I have a dream for the future when our children and our children’s children will be able to breathe fresh air. I have a dream that future generations will know pandas and other endangered animals. I have a dream today!

I have a dream of fresh air and peace between animals and humans.
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