Haier Human Resources Management

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  • Published : November 25, 2012
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HRM Effectiveness Evaluation

Synergy makes it possible!

HRM Effectiveness Evaluation

Synergy makes it possible!

To Sir Sohail Islam

By Group # 3

Date 24-01-2008

Letter of Transmittal

GIFT University
January, 09, 2008

Mr. Sohail Islam
GIFT University
Gujranwala, Pakistan

Dear Sir,

The report is focused on evaluating the effectiveness of Human Resource Department of any multinational Company. We chose Haier for this purpose.

We are very thankful to you that you gave us the opportunity to work on such topic, which really made us aware of a lot of hidden facts about the practical HR work done at companies. You helped us a lot in defining this topic. We are very grateful to you that you think us capable of this. Really, we have given our full in this report. We hope it will be above your expectations.

Yours affectionately,
Zain Hameed,
Sarfraz Ahmed,
Zohaib Khalid,
Umair Ameen,
Usman Khalid.
Table of Contents

|Topics Detail |Page Number | |Executive Summary |1 | |Introduction |3 | |Introduction to Haier |6 | |Company Background |6 | |Company Facts |9 | |Corporate Overview |9 | |Global Presence |10 | |Board of Directors |10 | |Recognition |10 | |Leadership at Haier |12 | |Haier’s HR |14 | |Conception of HR |14 | |Challenge your content, manage…… |16 | |Values and Philosophy |18 | |Haier in Pakistan |32 | |Evaluation of HR Department |34 | |Conclusion |50 |...
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