Haidilao Touchpoint

Topics: Customer service, Hot pot, Customer Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Haidilao is an emerging restaurant brand in China. I like it because it brings me delightful dining experience. When I am waiting for a table in the restaurant, the waiters will bring me some free food, and it also offers free nail art service for women and free shoeshine service for men. When I am ordering dishes, the waiter will even remind me how much food is enough for how many people. So every time I go there, I feel respected and delighted.

Touch points:
1. Service and price: Haidilao is famous for its high-end service and ordinary price. In essence, it applies the excellent customer service in hotel industry to a hot pot restaurant. When customers are waiting for a table, it offers tea, food, nail art and shoeshine service for free. When customers sit down, the waiters will bring some hair bands, aprons, phone shells, hot towel and so on. There are even cosmetics and hand cream in the bathroom. Although most people won’t use the cosmetics, it still shows how considerate the company is. Many people call this abnormal service because it lets people fully feel the customer is God. 2. Food: Haidilao offers authentic Sichuan hot pot. The dishes are clean, fresh, and customers can even order half of a dish. They can also make their own sauce with the ingredients offered by Haidilao. 3. Employee: The waiters are very passionate. They always wear a smile on their face. They care about customers from the bottom of their heart. As I just mentioned, when you order too many dishes, they will remind you. 4. Culture: The culture of the Haidilao company is people-oriented and customer first. Many companies only think about how to satisfy their customers while neglect how to satisfy their employees. However, Haidilao cares about its employees very much. Although its workforce is mostly composed of young employees born in underdeveloped suburban areas, the CEO treats them like family members. Therefore, they are enthused and motivated to deliver...
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