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Enterprise Resource Planning
Assignment #2
Muhammad Haseeb Afzal........BSIT-S10-M04
Define Moore’s Law and explain why it is significant in the development of ERP. Is Moore’s Law still holding? Moore's law predicts that this trend will continue into the foreseeable future. Although the pace has slowed, the number of transistors per square inch has since doubled approximately every 18 months. This meant that the capabilities of computer hardware were doubling every 18 months. During this time, computer software was also advancing to take advantage of the increasing capabilities of computer hardware. In the 1970s, relational database software was developed, providing businesses with the ability to store, retrieve, and analyze large volumes of data. Spreadsheet software, a fundamental business tool today, became popular in the 1980s. With spreadsheets, managers could perform complex business analyses without having to rely on a computer programmer to develop custom programs. The computer hardware and software developments of the 1960s and 1970s paved the way for the development of ERP systems. Most experts, including Moore himself, expect Moore's Law to hold for at least another two decades. Question#2

What are the main characteristics of an ERP system? What are some newly developed features of ERP systems? * ERP allows easier global integration: Barriers of currency exchange rates, language, and culture can be bridged automatically, so data can be integrated across international borders. * ERP integrates people and data while eliminating the need to update and repair many separate computer systems. For example, Boeing had 450 data systems that fed data into its production process. The company now has a single way to record production data. * ERP allows management to manage operations, not just monitor them. For example, without ERP, getting an answer to “How are we doing?” requires getting data from each business unit and then analyzing that data for a comprehensive, integrated picture. The ERP system already has all the data allowing the manager to focus on improving processes. This focus enhances management of the company as a whole, and makes the organization more adaptable when change is required. * Packaged software.

* Integrate the majority of a business’s processes.
* Process the majority of organizations transactions.
* Use a data warehouse.
* Allow access to data in “real time”.
* Integrate transaction processing and planning Activities.
New features:
* Projects
Costing, Billing, Time and Expense, Activity Management.
* Human Resources
Human Resources, Payroll, Training, Time & Attendance, Benefits. * Customer Relationship Management
Sales and Marketing, Commissions, Service, Customer Contact and Call Center support.

* Manufacturing
Engineering, Bills of Material, Scheduling, Capacity, Workflow Management, Quality Control, Cost Management, Manufacturing Process, Manufacturing Projects, Manufacturing Flow. * Data Warehouse
Various Self-Service interfaces for Customers, Suppliers, and Employees. * Supply Chain Management
Inventory, Order Entry, Purchasing, Product Configuration, Supply Chain Planning, Supplier Scheduling, Inspection of goods, Claim Processing, Commission Calculation. * Financials
General Ledger, Cash Management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets. Question #3
Imagine that you have been appointed the chief information officer of a start-up company that rents out DVDs via the Internet. An integrated information system is critical to your business. Write a proposal to the CEO highlighting the reasons why you need an ERP system. Use examples, gleaned from the Internet, of other companies’ systems to augment your proposal. Need an ERP system for the DVD’S:

* An ERP solution...
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