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Pyramus and Thisbe, Babylonia


Pyramus: Handsome youth of Babylon who falls in love with his neighbor, Thisbe.

Thisbe: Beautiful young girl of Babylon who returns Pyramus's love.

Parents of Pyramus and Thisbe: They oppose a relationship between Pyramus and Thisbe for reasons not explained in the story. The parents play no active role in the story.

Semiramis: Queen of Babylon and the subject of myths and legends. After the death of her husband, Ninus, she ruled Babylon for many years. Semiramis is the Greek name for Sammu-ramat. Semiramis plays no active role in the story.

Ninus: King of Assyria and late husband of Semiramis. He plays no active role in the story. However, it is at his tomb that Pyramus and Thisbe meet after running away.


The action is set in Babylon in the Ninth Century BC during the reign of Semiramis (Greek name for Sammu-ramat). Babylon was the capital of Babylonia, a country in southern Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq). Ruins of Babylon, said to be the largest city in the world when it was at the height of its power and glory, exist about 55 miles south of Baghdad.

NARRATOR: Over the years, the lovers could only talk through a hole in their wall because their parents refused them to see each other. Every morning, when the dawn had put out the stars, and the sun rays had tried the hoarfrost on the grass, they would steal to the crack and standing there. One day, they decided to meet the next night under a mulberry tree near tomb of Ninus. They decided to elope then. So, the next night, just before the crack of dawn, while everyone was asleep, they decided to slip out of their homes and meet in the nearby fields near a mulberry tree. Thisbe reached there first, covered with a cloak.

Original Scene ( Mulberry tree )

THISBE: Pyramus? Where are you?
PYRAMUS: Thisbe? Thisbe! This was my fault, if I didn’t came late, is it happened? Could the lion have killed Thisbe? I’m the one to blame. THISBE:...
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