Topics: Study skills, University, Homework Pages: 3 (1128 words) Published: December 12, 2012
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Mike Rivera
Professor Coakley
English 097 – 1370
5 December 2012
 In this article “How to Make it in College, Now That You’re Here” by “O’Keeney”, views and discusses different methods on how to become a successful student and achieve it by organizing time and not getting studies involved with personal problems from his own experience.          He also discusses different ways of getting good grades such as choosing a quite place to study alone without getting distracted from any other people or noises around you. Another way is always writing notes for each idea or any definition on the side of whatever you’re reading or writing so there is no flipping back and forth between pages for any ideas.          He also discusses different points on how to manage time with all the work we get including our studies, families, jobs or any other responsibilities that us students might have. One of these points is to make a monthly or a weekly calendar where you can mark and circle any projects or exams dates so that they are never turned in late. Sometimes there never seems to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all the tasks that have to be done before the day is over. So another point is to write a list of what tasks have to be done, and of what might stand in the way of finishing them.          He also states that if any family, friends or any other kind of real problem pops up, then try to meet some friends whom can actually be trusted so that they would help solve any problems

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that appear so that it is possible to feel better. And if the problem can’t be solved by talking about it to some friends, then attend clinics of professional therapies where they can help in solving any problems. Furthermore, each student must have the positive attitude towards college where he or she takes classes serious by understanding the process of taking notes and being positive about any class even if it was a dull and boring. And won’t change their...
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