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From the time Hafez’s sonnets captured the realm of Persian language, Persian poetry reached its zenith. This claim does not mean that the word of Ferdowsi, or Sa’adi or Rumi the Zenith, rather that this zenith had never before been international. During his lifetime, the current of his thought and poetry extended from Iran to Bengal, from Shiraz to Baghdad and Tabriz captured the hearts and imagination of people, and after his death blazed across the universe and reached Wolfgang Goethe and the Romantics thinkers in Germany and indeed the whole of Europe. Today, Hafez belong to the world, he is the poet of global thoughts and feelings. Languages into which his poetry have not been translated are few and far between, in deed nearly every nation is familiar with his exalted ideas. While his international appeal is wide and general, he, nevertheless, remain a distinctly Iranian poet. Even though he is the ‘hafez of the Qoran’ and has spent the majority of his time in pursuit of Arab art and letters, while he live as a Muslim and thinks as a man (human), he is pure Iranian, as much as Zoroaster in ancient times, he is as much an Achaemenid as Cyrus, and as much an Iranian as the incomparable rule of Tous (Ferdowsi), and demonstrates his Iranian aspect in contemporary language. While his heart weaves a perpetual tale of love, with out reminders of Alexander and Darius, he engenders the bitter enmity with Alexander, what Iranian suffers more than this for Iran, and find glory in Alexander’s triumph?? The Iran of his age was a turbulent land rife with anarchy, awash with pain and misfortune. This clandestine elegy to him, is a Iranian lament. No Iranian poet, who is the poet of humanity, and the poet of the world, can love his motherland more.
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