Hadley: the Statistical Probability of Love

Topics: Thought, Mother, Mind Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Smith uses indirect and direct characterization to evince how Hadley is a clumsy and unlucky person. Hadley first reveals her clumsy sides by forgetting her stuff, making everything drop on the floor or being late for her plane. Not only she misses her plane, but she also has to sleep in a tiny airport chamber, being claustrophobic. Smith says “Or later: if she hadn’t given herself a paper cut while printing out her ticket, if she hadn’t lost her charger, if there hadn’t been traffic on the expressway to the airport.” And “She readjusts the backpack on her lap, realizing a moment too late that she didn’t zip it up all the way, and a few of her things tumble to the floor.” These incidents reveal that Hadley is for sure not the luckiest person on Earth, and show an unlucky and clumsy side to her personality. Secondly, she has to go to London to see the wedding of her father and his new future wife. Throughout the first two chapters and prologue, Hadley insists on the fact that she does not want to see her dad for the simple reason that he hurt her mother and herself. Smith wrote “the word dad had become an unpleasant reminder” to express Hadley’s thoughts about her father. Only by reading this thought, we know that Hadley also has family problems, so again, is not very lucky. Thirdly, Hadley reveals her unlucky side by being embarrassed in front of the cute boy in the airplane. Smith states “She isn’t sure whether he’ll be joining her, and this possibly gives the decision a slightly frenzied feel; she can practically feel him waiting beside her, and her whole body is tense as she tries to think of the option that is the least likely to leave her with food all over her face, just in case he decides to come along.” This inside thought shows that Hadley gets embarrassed and panicked very easily and that is the reason why she is a clumsy and unlucky person.
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