Haddad Homes

Topics: Strategic management, Greenfield land, Competitor analysis Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Case Study
Haddad Homes
Eva Choueiri

1- Our mission at Haddad Homes is to create homes that are not just bricks & mortar but a complete living environment providing stakeholders with competitive prices, location views, neighborliness, local sensitivity, communal areas & environmental layouts. This is by giving homes greater individuality, more character & differentiation whereby to ensure the sustainability of a premium position in the market providing stakeholders with the extra expectations.

2- In order to have a life opportunity, a company should understand the nature of the operating environment and manage to identify how best to gain a competitive advantage over rivals. Haddad Homes carried out an audit of its current position which identified the areas of weaknesses, strengths, & changes in its competitive environment. This SWOT analysis should help building forward-thinking strategies to exceed expectations of stakeholders in order to have a life opportunity. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, & threats are basic information needed to evaluate a business advantages & disadvantages on a certain point in time. In order to have a life opportunity, strengths should be maintained, weaknesses converted into strengths, opportunities invested in, & threats avoided. For Haddad Homes, one of the major threats is the government insistence on a change in emphasis in local development plans which is a new challenge for Haddad Homes which tries to convert this threat into an opportunity by keeping homes in the Brownfield area distinct from rival offerings to stay ‘ahead of the game’. Another threat is that the market is now very crowded & innovations by one company is being copied by others in a small period of time. In order to overcome this threat, Haddad Homes always tries to have an apparent differentiation versus others thus trying to keep a competitive advantage over others. This was achieved by reviewing the operations details thus...
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