Had I Only Listened

Topics: High school, High school diploma, Vocational school Pages: 2 (815 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Narrative Essay
“If only I would’ve listened!”
All my childhood and adolescent years I had a yearning to grow up before my time. As a young child, I fantasized of all the “great things” that came along with being an adult. I mean, who wouldn’t love being able to make their own rules, never have to listen to anyone tell you what to do, and most of all a fairytale wedding with Mr. Perfect. Boy did I have this picture painted all wrong. My parents tried to warn me not to grow up so fast. They would always say “Enjoy these years while they last because you will never get them back.” If only I would’ve listened! The older I became, the worse this urge got. As a teenager, I refused to listen to anything my parents told me. If they said right, I said left. In my hormonally overloaded brain, I know way more than what they did on almost any subject. I was ready for the world no matter and nobody was going to stand in my way. At the age of 15, I dropped out of school. I felt as if I had obtained all the knowledge I needed to get thru this life with no problems. I went and took the General Equivalency test and was awarded a G.E.D. in place of a high school diploma. I scored very high scores in all areas of this test. This only reaffirmed what I had been thinking all these years. I was right, they were wrong. I was too smart for school, parents, or any advice whatsoever. My parents were fed up. They had warned and warned me but felt like there was no convincing me, so they emancipated me. I could finally be my own boss. This was exactly what I wanted this entire time. If only I would’ve listened! By this time I had already found my Prince Charming and my fairy tale was already painted. The only thing I was missing was the funds to get out on my own. Mr. Charming had a job but it wasn’t enough to get us our own place. I had an answer for this too as I did for everything. I got a job at a restaurant making minimum wage. I quickly realized I would never have the money to...
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