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Ethical Hacking or known as Anonymous
Jasper John F. Talinting

Mrs. Amelia G. Villanueva
English 102
March 11, 2013


We are approaching for me as an IT Student I’m assume for my technical works and ideology about hacking, hacking is prevent and studies in programming, troubleshooting and etc. That aware in good conduct but also in our cyber society.

We must think and polite our selves love technology and love our environment people should do, there are 3 types of ethical hacking are black hat, white hat and grey hat so I’m going to do this because of lack of security and bad influences abusing that technology using any kind of devices.

Anonymous is the unknown person that possess his knowledgeable and ideology in his/her mind but also for me as one of them ill try to progress myself and other members too, but we are anonymous should be a nationality and protect the civil rights and internet freedom to all just be a quality student and programmer too.

Hacking is my choice and hacking is the best way but in do some critics we must be wise and logically also too

The Author
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is hacking

What is hacking

Introduction of hacking

What is ethical hacking

1 what are the three types of hacking

Hacking Techniques

Chapter 2: What is Anonymous

Anonymous Type


Chapter 3:Tools and Manual Hacking

Types of DDOS

Bruteforce Attack

John The Rippler

Low Orbit Ion Cannon

1 High Orbit Ion Cannon

Backtrack 5

Sqli Injection

Website defacement

Chapter 4: Security and Vulnerable

Anti Viruses Cloudflare

Computer Virus


About the Author

Chapter 1: What is hacking?


There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.

Henry David Thoreau

What is hacking?

Hacking is the practice of modifying the features of a system, in order to accomplish a goal outside of the creator's original purpose. The person who is consistently engaging in hacking activities, and has accepted hacking as a lifestyle and philosophy of their choice, is called a hacker. Computer hacking is the most popular form of hacking nowadays, especially in the field of computer security, but hacking exists in many other forms, such as phone hacking, brain hacking, etc. and it's not limited to either of them. Due to the mass attention given to blackhat hackers from the media, the whole hacking term is often mistaken for any security related cyber crime. This damages the reputation of all hackers, and is very cruel and unfair to the law abiding ones of them, from who the term itself originated. The goal of this website is to introduce people the true philosophy and ethics of hackers, hopefully clearing their name and giving them the social status they deserve.

Introduction of hacking
Hacking is the art of exploiting computers to get access to otherwise unauthorized information. Now that the world is using IT systems to gather, store and manipulate important information there is also a need to make sure that data is secure. However, no system is without is problems. Holes are often present within security systems which, if exploited, allow hackers to gain access to this otherwise restricted information. This WikiBook aims to give you the information required to think like hackers so as to be able to secure your systems and keep your information safe. Hacking and security is a constantly updated and fast moving sector of the computing industry and, as such, it is vital that you are up to date with all the details (including the latest exploits, patches and more

What Is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking, often performed by white hats or skilled computer experts, is the use of programming skills to determine vulnerabilities in computer...
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