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Speech activity has always been in the focus of interests of modern linguistics and is closely correlated with cognitive linguistics, first and foremost with psychology, sociology, cultural science. To this number is undoubtedly referred a linguistic notion of slang. There exist a great number of researches concerning slang and the authors treat this phenomenon in various scientific systems (Sh. Johnson, D. Crystal, I.R. Galperin, J.E. Lighter, A.Thorne, etc.). The topicality of the given investigation is connected with the fact that at the beginning of the XXI-st century computers have became the integral part of our everyday life, therefore the necessity has emerged in developing interpretative techniques of the computer language processing. The scientific novelty of this work is in the investigation of the problems of translation of computer slang of the English language. The aim of the paper is defined as revealing the basic characteristics of the computer vocabulary of the English language. Realization of this aim demands the solution of the following tasks: -to disclose the linguistic nature of the notion “slang”; -to review basic problems of translation theory;

-to specify the classification of English computer slang and deduce the main rules of its translation. The composition of the work is as follows:
In the introduction the subject matter, the aim, the tasks and the topicality of the investigation are outlined. Chapter I is devoted to studying slang, its functions and etymological roots, to highlighting the main problems of translation in modern linguistics. Chapter II deals with examining translation techniques and submits the classification of English computer slang. Conclusion provides the summary of the course paper and discusses the prospects of further, more detailed studying of computer slang. The methods applied to the investigation are as follows: the definition analysis of slang units; the elements of contextual and stylistic analysis of computer slang. The theoretical value of the work is in the subsequent elaboration of the questions which are connected with the studying of computer language, on-line speech activity. The practical value of the investigation is determined by the fact that the results of the research which were obtained in the course of analysis of the language material may be used in practical translation classes, Theory of Translation, Stylistics.

Chapter 1. Slang as a Language Unit vs. the Language System

1.1. The problem of the term “Slang” and different approaches to the problem in question.

There is hardly any other term as ambiguous and obscure as the term ‘slang’. Slang seems to mean everything that is below the standard of usage of present-day English.
Much has been said and written about this language phenomenon. This is probably due to the uncertainty of the concept itself. No one has yet given a more or less satisfactory definition of the term. Nor has it been specified by any linguist who deals with the problem of English vocabulary.

The first thing that strikes the scholar is the fact that no other European language has singled out a special layer of vocabulary and named it slang, though all of them distinguish such groups of words as jargon, cant, and the like. Why was it necessary to invent a special term for something that has not been clearly defined as jargon or cant have? Is this phenomenon specifically English? Has slang any special features which no other group within the non-literary vocabulary can lay claim to? The distinctions between slang and other groups of unconventional English, thought perhaps subtle and sometimes difficult to grasp, should nevertheless be subjected to a more detailed linguistic specification. «Slang – is the special vocabulary or phraseology of a particular calling or profession» [Crystal 1995].

Webster’s “New World Dictionary of the American Language” gives the following meanings of the term:...
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