Haccp Flow Chart - Chicken Schnitzel

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  • Published : September 3, 2012
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The service of the schnitzel is most important to the customers satisfaction, it may come with a side of vegetables of chips. Presentation must be immaculate, and the target is a crispy, golden crumbing on the outside. Any schnitzel that is not served immediately must be held in a heat pan, that is placed in a heating device that can hold the schnitzel at 65⁰. The cooking process involved is deep frying. The thawed schnitzel must enter the deep fryer for an appropriate amount of time, and must reach a the optimum temperature of approx. 65⁰(C). The preparation of this frozen chicken schnitzel is crucial. The only process involved with preparing frozen chicken schnitzel is thawing. Safe thawing can occur in either the fridge, cold water, or the microwave. The fridge, whilst the lengthiest method of thawing, is my choice as it does not allow a build up of pathogens, therefore preventing any chance of cross contamination. As i will be using the fridge, i must manage my time wisely and construct an appropriate time frame for thawing the frozen schnitzel. The frozen schnitzel must be stored in either a freezer, or a freezer room. The appropriate temperate to store the schnitzel at is -15⁰(C). It also must be stored in an appropriate easy to reach area and be keep away from any chemicals. Frozen Chicken Schnitzel is delivered by supplier.

Check for any irregularities in the product, example(structure, smell, moisture, incorrect labelling etc...). Also check that the correct quantity is delivered as well as the correct weight of individual schnitzel. HACCP flow chart for Chicken Schnitzel (Frozen)

Any leftover or unserved chicken, can be reused if it is handled appropriately.

Daniel Refalo
Year 12 hospitality
HACCP assessment task
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