Habits of Peak Performers

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  • Published : July 7, 2011
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CHAPTER 13 1-1) Name the 10 habits of a peak performer. 1)practice positive habits create extended learning modifications will help in school and work and in life. Some positive habits and which ones need to change or improve 2) Willing to learn a lot about positive habits by watching others and trying new things. Observing positive things stay connected with motivated people that know how to successful manage their lives. observing people with negative habits learn from there mistakes. 3)Reflect information with contentious involvement with workshops and taking special classes focusing on the ten habits of a peak performer and creating strategies for incorporating them into a everyday practice. experimenting new way of breaking out of old practices, destructive self-talk and self-defeating behaviors. 4) forcing on practicing one habit for one month reward yourself when you have made some progress focus on occurrences that upset you and find simple, practical requests for using your new skills. Each day,take small steps spending more time on socializing with friends who like figural activity and other positive things that you enjoy, instead of hanging out with friends who just like to drink for pleasure. 5) Learning who you can share your progress with ask your family and friends have they noticed any difference. Something becomes a habit only when it is repeated,just as the Adult Learning Cycle is more effective the more times you go through it. 6) Striving to become a peak performer. Peak performers are successful people because they develop and practice good habits,\They are honest accountable,spirited,involved, willing to learn. prepared ,supportive,disciplined,and creatively solve problems. 7) Developing a positive attitude. Attack tasks with a I can do attitude. Enthusiasm and a positive attitude will help you focus on your strengths and create the thoughts and conduct that produce the outcomes you want. 8) Embrace change and...
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