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The Habibs chain of hair salons was started in 1983 by Mr. Habib Ahmed. The chain is now run by his son Mr. Jawed Habib. It was about fourteen years ago that Jawed appeared on the country's hair styling horizon. Until that time hair coloring meant ‘henna’ only. Jawed rewrote the script and made other colors also fashionable and acceptable across all sections of society. Cosmetics and personal hair care giant Hindustan Lever (Indian arm of Levers Brothers) picked him as its Brand Ambassador for its Sunsilk pro-color brand. Today Jawed's face is one of the most recognized faces in the media & fashion world in India and Internationally. Under his stewardship, House of Habibs has grown from strength to strength. Today, Habibs salons, studios and Hair Academy are bringing smiles, happiness and status to thousands of clients cross the length and breadth of the country. While Habibs is headquartered in Delhi, their salons are functioning in Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Jaipur, Amritsar, Kathmandu and several other places. As of today, Habibs has over 80+ salons. Jawed Habib plans to increase this to 100+ within the next 12 months. Jawed has opened up salons in New York and London. Salons in Paris, Milan, Kuala Lumpur and Mombassa are in process.Mr. Jawed HabibAkhter established himself as one of the leading recognized persons of the industry.world record of performing 410 non-stop haircuts in a day. Further ,with his passion and relentless efforts , heestablished an effective system which is self-sufficient in terms of providing quality services to clients across various parts of the country.With 37 outlets in the year of corporation it has grown rapidly , now there are 8 owned and 176 franchised outlets across 67 cities in India . they also run 6 academics of their own and 35 through franchised outlets across 36 cities .The following diagram shows the growth in Number of outlets since inception : The following is total number of outlets: PARTICULARS| BRAND| NO OF OUTLETS| Salons - own| Hair and Beauty| 08|

| Hair Xpresso| -|
Salons – franchised | Hair and Beauty | 120|
| Hair Xpresso | 56|
Academics own| | 06|
Academics – franchised | | 35|
TOTAL| | 225|
BRAND: JAWED HABIB’S HAIR XPRESSOJawed Habib - a premium brand of the Hair & Beauty industry has now come up with a new concept of "Jawed Habib's Hair Xpreso". It intends to target the lower and middle sections of the society. It is also aimed at the Indian Youth who wants a designer haircut but finds the pricing a bit pinching. The new brand plans to specifically target the unorganized segment of the hair salon industry, to create a one-stop booth that provides hair-cuts at just Rs 99. The Hair xpresso franchise opportunity is a business with low investment and high profits compared to any other franchise business opportunity in beauty salon industry. A 12x8x8 feet booth are setup at high traffic commercial areas with high footfalls and consumer traffic such as malls, high street, market areas, airports, railway stations etc.The salons operate through own exclusive outlets and franchisee outlets. They are unisex catering to both males and females. The equipment used is at par the best used in the market. The staff is thoroughly trained and has full knowledge about latest international fashion trends The first HairXpreso was launched on 1st of June, 2009 and it has already spread to 76 outlets across the country. Spread across a minimum of 100 sqft with 3 or more styling chairs, HairXpreso’s offer various contemporary, designer, dry haircuts for just Rs. 99. Also the technicians employed by these salons are all trained and certified by Jawed Habib's Hair Academy.HAIR XPRESSOJawed Habib believes in the power of franchising business format, and it is growing at recommendable speed. This rapid growth is made possible by happy franchises...
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