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  • Topic: Past tense, Pluperfect tense, Grammatical aspect
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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation Services
BA (English)
(July-2012 session)
(FEG-1, FEG-2, BSHF-101, BEGE-101, BEGE-102)
Note: Answer all questions

(1) Do as directed:(Mark: 10)

(a) The tsunami struck around 11.20 pm. The villagers abandoned their houses much before that. (Combine using the Past Perfect Tense of the underlined verb).

(b) At Allahabad_________ Ganges meets________Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati. This confluence of the rivers is called Prayag. (Insert an appropriate article in each blank).

(c) A : I ________(notice) you __________(not eat) the guavas. Don't you like them?

B : No, not really.
(Use the correct form of verb).

(d) I could not complete my project. There was no electricity yesterday. (Combine using 'because')

(e) Someone had tampered with the machines. We found them that way. (Combine into one sentence beginning with "We found the machines”)

(2) Write a composition in about 200 words on one of the following : (Mark 10)

(a) Effects of TV serials on the younger generation.

(b) If I were the Prime Minister of the country.

(c) Arranged Marriages work better.

(d) “……………….if character is lost everything is lost”

(3) Answer any two questions in about 100 words each:(Mark: 10)

(a) Division of knowledge into Disciplines
(b) Drain of wealth theory
(c) The Election Commission of India
(d) Notion of a Mixed Economy

(4)Form negatives of the following words by adding prefixes. (Mark: 10)

(i) Invest
(ii) Leash
(iii) Action
(iv) Formal
(iv) Stabilize

(5)(a) Write a note on the compound sentence. Give five examples. (Mark: 10)

(b) Distinguish adjectives from adverbs among the underlined words in the following sentences.(Mark: 10)

(i) He cut his hair very short.
(ii) The early bird catches the worm.
(iii) I got up early today.
(iv) They are...
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