Topics: Psychology, Personal life, Sleep Pages: 4 (1559 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Jui Trakansuebkul
Health P.5

Health Reflection

In this unit of mental health, I have learned how to have a better health by improving my physical, mental, and emotional conditions. When Ms. Garner asked students to think about their condition health in class, I taught that I was pretty fine. But as she started to introduce the students to the topic of mental health, I have found that there are many things that I really need to change. I never really look at myself that deep, but as I spotted my weaknesses. I noticed that to have a good mental health I needed to have the balance of my physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social.

Stress is one of the biggest weaknesses I have encountered, which has a lot influences over my mental health. Students often have a lot of pressure from the society to do well in school. But school is not the only thing that students have to deal with. My friends and family often ask me about my GPA, so they can see how am I doing in school. If my GPA is not like what they expected, they would gradually changed the way they think about me. This gave me a lot of stress because I do not have time to do every thing, since I am in varsity. First, I did not know how to deal with my work, but as I installed an application on Google Chrome call “Time Tracker”, I have found that I spend too many hours in the Internet and not working. Due to this, I reduced my time on the Internet to one hour per day. I believed that this strategy would give me an extra time to study, which would slowly increase my GPA, and stress would no longer be my problem.

Another unhealthy situation I have is that I usually do not have enough hours of sleep. The recommended hours of sleep for teenagers are about eight to nine hours per day. But I often received only about seven hours of sleep, which causes me not to perform well in school. I have found that I am likely to misunderstand some information because I was too sleepy to pay attention....
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