Ha'penny: Social Class and Reform School Principal

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  • Published : December 23, 2012
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Will Mrs. Maarman's actions change attitudes?
Yes, her actions will change people's attitudes.

How and to whom will her attitudes speak?
Mrs. Maarman's actions will most likely effect people from all classes though the middle class, Mrs Maarman's class, would be the most impacted. Her actions illustrate, through love and compassion, how someone can bridge the gap between classes without prejudice. Ha'penny's cross challenges all mothers and people of a compassionate nature to challenge the oppressive rules of their society and return to thinking about the individual, no matter what class they may be categorized in.

Was she showing courage?
Yes, she was showing courage.

How does the narrator show that he is not a conventional reform school principal? He shows that he is not a typical reform school principal by him stating that he would like to be the principal of a school run by affection in stead of traditional punishment.

What explains Mrs. Maarman's change of attitude towards the story's end? Mrs Maarman changed her attitude when she realized that Ha'penny was just a lonely boy longing for familial love who chose her as his mother. Moreover, I believe that she must have realized how ridiculous it was for her to be forced by the apartheid system to go against humanity.

Why does the narrator's statement, “The boy's name is Dickie, not Tickie”, have such an overwhelming impact on Ha'penny? To inform Ha'penny of what the narrator knew about was important because the narrator would have told Ha'penny that Ha'penny did not need to feel ashamed for not having a family. Also, the narrator would have cared for him as a father if Ha'penny had accepted it.

How does the question of colour became an important element in the story? Colour became an important element in the story, because Mrs. Maarman would have accepted Ha'penny's letters if he was the colour of the people in her...
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