Gym Rat

Topics: Bodybuilding, Washington, Exercise Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: March 9, 2011
Gym Rat

When I was younger, I often took my health, absence of illness, disease, or injury for granted until I became sick. This I believe, being healthy is having that there are few physical and emotional impediments to doing things in my life. I am responsible for taking care of my health starting with early detection and education. My life definitely changed when I lost my mother, brother, and sister to cancer within a five-year period. My father also had cancer, early detection saved his life. I truly believe that cancer is preventable, with the use of new technology these days. Losing family members to cancer is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. One of the reasons I live a healthy lifestyle is to make sure I live long enough to raise my children and to see them become productive and successful in life. Here at “Everett Community College”, I am pursuing to earn a degree in physical education leading up to bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at “Western Washington University”. I like helping people achieve their goals by promoting physical fitness. I have been doing competitive natural bodybuilding for almost ten years now; I enjoy doing it, because it keeps me in great shape. I am currently training for my next bodybuilding competition in "open light weight" division which takes place at Snoqualmie casino on April 16th 2011. A 12 week consistent rigorous training regimen, clean diet, and being a gym rat helped me win numerous competitions. Bodybuilding is an extreme sport, period. To be a bodybuilder involves so much more than going to the gym and lifting weights. One must be willing to eat, drink, and sleep bodybuilding. I feel fitness is a passion and a confidence builder. Expressing passion through fitness is a great way to feel alive and engaged in the world, which is truly the best simple pleasure. I believe in living my life to the fullest. Life is short and precious and I don’t take it for granted anymore....
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