Gym Marketing

Topics: Marketing, Market segmentation, Target market Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: February 13, 2008
Gym Target Market

Target Market is the market segment that I am hoping to have joined the gym based on the improved advertising by focusing on 3 main target areas. Age, gender, geography, and socio-economic grouping define these markets. With a gym there is more than one target market and you have to market to each one in different ways; but at the same time find marketing that will reach all of them without bringing the cost of your advertising up to an unrealistic level. Targeting is very important in marketing and there are steps involved when determining who you will target.

When determining whom I wanted to target for advertising I needed to figure out what the gym offers for services and how each service affects each market as a first step. When looking at the gym the first thing I thought about was the downtown Burlington location, this gave me my first target market of workers in the downtown businesses looking for a gym that is convenient from their job. This market would be male and female, age range late 20's to early 40's, within a 5-10 block radius. Income range would be mid 20k-45k, thus giving them possibly the income to afford a membership but also still wanting a good price on it and great benefits with it.

This market is a hard one to convince your gym is the best because they are very computer savvy and also limited on their time so your gym needs to provide what they are asking for at the right times and have the level of equipment they want to use to complete their workout for the cost that is reasonable. This market also general has hour lunches and works in corporate offices. They are looking for classes to take on their lunch that are effective and on time. The gym does a great job in this aspect offering a different class each day in the noontime hour, and these classes are included in the cost of membership where with some other local gyms you have to pay extra for classes. One downside to the gym in this aspect of...
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