Porting Compiler Computer

Assembly Language for x86 Processors
Sixth Edition

Florida International University School of Computing and Information Sciences

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Assembly Language for x86 Processors, Sixth Edition, teaches assembly language programming and architecture for Intel and AMD processors. It is an appropriate text for the following types of college courses: • Assembly Language Programming • Fundamentals of Computer Systems • Fundamentals of Computer Architecture Students use Intel or AMD processors and program with Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM), running on Windows 98, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Although this book was originally designed as a programming textbook for college students, it serves as an effective supplement to computer architecture courses. As a testament to its popularity, previous editions have been translated into Spanish, Korean, Chinese, French, Russian, and Polish. Emphasis of Topics This edition includes topics that lead naturally into subsequent courses in computer architecture, operating systems, and compiler writing: • Virtual machine concept • Instruction set architecture • Elementary Boolean operations • Instruction execution cycle • Memory access and handshaking • Interrupts and polling • Hardware-based I/O • Floating-point binary representation Other topics relate specially to Intel and AMD architecture: • Protected memory and paging • Memory segmentation in real-address mode • 16-bit interrupt handling • MS-DOS and BIOS system calls (interrupts) • Floating-point unit architecture and programming • Instruction encoding Certain examples presented in the book lend themselves to courses that occur later in a computer science curriculum: • Searching and sorting algorithms • High-level language structures




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