Gupta Empire Versus Han Dynasty

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  • Published : November 15, 2011
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Julianna Crozier
Mrs. Peavey
World History AP period 7
28 September 2011
Comparing and Contrasting
Following the time period of the development of the first civilizations came the Classical age. During this era, one learns about the different developing classical empires of their time, and their dissimilar customs of life. This time period consists of the rise and falls of the first Empires in India and China. Moreover, due to their different locations, each Empire adapted to their land and formed customs of their own best fit for their people. In the era of the Classical age, both the Han dynasty and the Gupta Empire reveal the diversity generated during the Classical period. While these two Empires certainly portray contrasting qualities of the other, some aspects of their lives mirrored each other as well. Both China and India had distinct differences that, in dissimilar aspects, unified them as a people. One of the main differences between the Han dynasty and the Gupta Empire is the concept of their contrasting views of religion. While the Gupta ultimately settled on a primary religion, the Han opted for separate religious philosophical systems that would serve the needs of others differently. Another factor that portrays the difference between the two Empires was China’s political structures and values compared to that of India’s. There was a dynastic cycle, the dynasties would rise and fall, and be taken over by a new person. India went back to independent city states when a ruler fell. China was generally able to be re-united through a ruler, however, India was not. Quite frankly in the Classical era, the Gupta Empire and Han Dynasty created vastly different cultures due to their surrounding influences. Unlike the previous differences between the Empires, both the Gupta Empire in India and the Han Dynasty in China were similar in their social structures in that they stressed inequality as well as maintaining order and stability throughout the...
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