Gupta Empire

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Gupta Empire

The Gupta Empire (320 CE to about 500 CE). It dominated northern India. 

People were happy during the Gupta period, the "Golden Age" of ancient India. They had religious freedom. They were given free medical care, which included simple surgery. Rewards of money were given to writers, artists, and scholars to encourage them to produce wonderful work, and they did. Very few of the common people were educated, but the Gupta Empire had many universities. Students came from as far away as China to study at Gupta universities!

Gupta Religion
• Bhagavad-Gita was written during this time only. Buddhism declined. • Bhagavatism centered around worshipping Vishnu or Bhagvat. •
• Idol worship became a common feature.
• Vishnu temple at Deogarh, a small temple near Sanchi and a brick temple at Bhitragaon (near Kanpur) belong to the Gupta architecture. Gupta Art
• Samudragupta is represented on his coins playing the lute (vina). • 2 mt high bronze image of Buddha belonging to the Mathura school. • The Buddha sitting in his Dharma Chakra mudra belongs to Sarnath. • Buddha images of Bamiyan belonged to Gupta period.

• Ajanta Paintings is of this time. They belong to the Buddhist art. • Images of Vishnu, Shiva & some other Hindu Gods feature I time in this period. Gupta Literature in India
• Kalidas, the great Sanskrit dramatist, belonged to this period. His books are: Abhigyanashakuntalam the other work being the Bhagavadgita, Meghadutam, Kumarasambhavam etc. • Apart from Kalidas, others were Sudraka (author of Mrichchakatikam), Bharavi , Dandin. To this period belongs 13 plays written by Bhasa. Most famous of these was Charudatta. • Vishnu Sharma wrote Panchtantra and Hitopdesh.

• The Gupta period also saw the development of Sanskrit grammar based on Panini and Patanjali. • Ramayana & Mahabharata were almost completed by the 4th century AD. Science and Technology of Gupta Period

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