Guns Outline

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Not everyone is bullet prof

1. Introduction
a. Facts
b. Thesis: Although guns are made for protection and to hunt game the United States makes it too tranquil for everyday people off the streets to buy a gun. I feel like that we need to make the gun control laws stricter so that kids, crazy people and … can’t get a hold of a gun and make a mistake they wish they wouldn’t have done.

2. Political
c. Legislation
i. Rights
ii. Restrictions
iii. Prejudice

3. Fun
d. Hunting
iv. Food
v. Clothing
e. Competition
vi. Target shooting

4. Hobby
f. Leisure
vii. Family Activity
viii. Teaches responsibility
g. Self Defense

5. Who can own a fire arm?
h. Why officials can use firearms?
ix. Military and authorities use firearms to protect not attack. x. These people have been trained and know how to handle firearms. i. Why do authorities and military need firearm?

xi. They know how to properly use them.
xii. They use them to protect society.

6. Gun control is not strict enough.
j. The United States Government does not put down laws strict enough to deal with firearms. k. Guns are dangerous.

7. Kids
l. Guns are way too easy for young people to get their hands on.

8. NRA
m. The National Rifle Association

9. Trayvon Shooting
n. People should not be allowed to take actions upon themselves and shoot someone because of an assumption. o. Statistics about how many high school kids have been shot.

10. School Shooting
p. Kids should not be able to get their hands on a gun. q. They take matters into their own hands.
r. It makes them feel as if powerful when they have a gun and can threaten to take someone’s life away.

11. Why civilians cannot handle guns.