Guns on Campus

Topics: Firearm, Gun Control, Concealed carry in the United States Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: April 16, 2013
It is obvious all across America that I can handgun is by far one of the most deadly weapons out there. It is also obvious that a high percent of college students have a drug and or alcohol problem and every student is exposed to both. What happens when you combine both of them? Violence is what happens. We have organizations of uneducated students and adults, such as the SCCC (Students for concealed carry on Campus), that are ignorant because they believe a handgun will make them more safe. However, they are very mistaken.

The fact of the matter is a gun can’t save somebody from another gun. People argue that in situations such as 2007 Virginia Tech a student could have taken the shooters out. However, that is not the case. The shooters were taken the first step. They already had their weapons drawn and would have took out anyone out in their way. In most cases if a student is armed they will take them out first. This isn’t even accounting for students and or faculty that could get hit in the crossfire. We can’t turn a school into a battlefield.

College students are associated with drugs and alcohol. That is a fact. All of a sudden you allow guns on campus and you have students taking them to parties and wielding them while under the influence. Even good Samaritans get impaired while using any substance. Not only does this put students and faculty in danger but it puts police and security units in danger as well. Above all, society is in danger. There are children and families that live within the community that don’t need drunk and high students running around with weapons.

Intimidation: Is another reason why handguns shouldn’t be allowed in the school area. Imagine being in a teacher shoes and having a student who you heard or seen carry a firearm to your classroom. What if you have a fear of handguns? Would you be compelled to give him a better grade out of fear? Would you be scared to confront him? We need to take account for all the people who get...
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