Guns, Germs and Steel: Prologue

Topics: Industrialisation, Africa, Industry Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: August 6, 2009
Yali’s Question---Prologue: While many are opposed to answering Yali’s question, finding the answer is vital. If we found out how or why the American and European countries progressed to where they are now we could potentially rid the world of poverty. When many other peoples such as Australia, New Guinea, many Pacific Islands, most part of the America’s and small parts of South Africa lived as farming tribes, much of Europe, Asia, North Africa were industrializing. Industrialization, to introduce industry to a large area (country, society, ect.) In order to understand what industrialization is, you must understand what industry is. Industry in trade or manufacture in general, which means when a country industrializes they make products and trade with other countries for other products. This process makes the country grow and develop. Maybe, those 3rdworld countries never industrialized themselves quite right. If we found out the answer to Yali’s question we could help put those countries on the right path to becoming a powerful country. Since the U.S made some, if not many, mistakes while becoming what they are now we could fix those mistakes in the countries building themselves. Yali’s question shows how much little decisions a country makes when building themselves can affect the whole future of a country. Also who you elect can make big differences in the future. It Is Important to find the answer to Yali’s question because it shows the foundation of a powerful country. If we found the answers we could, while using this information correctly, solve the problem of poverty. The question is important and I believe if we asked many higher up Americans we wouldn’t get an answer. Probably the reason we wouldn’t get an answer is because they don’t want to lose their position as most powerful country in the world. I’m not saying that America doesn’t want to help third world countries, I’m saying that if we could go back and find out were all things went wrong when...
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