Guns, Germs, and Steel Chapter by Chapter Summary

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Chapter 1
1.The main lesson of chapter one was explaining how humans came to be and major jumps in our development. 2.I agree with diamonds ideas because it is scientifically proven that humans started by evolving from monkeys in Africa 3.That people developed certain things suddenly instead of gradually, that the clovis was responsible for many mass extinctions of large mammals around 11,000 B.C.

Chapter 2
1.Looks at the effect of the climate on the civilization being a small group of hunter-gatherers or a large empire 2.Yes, if there is a lot of resources around it can support a large group of people instead of a small group of gatherers 3.The climate can change how people live

Chapter 3
1.Analyses how the Incan emperor was captured and how the Spanish peoples gems led to the deaths of many south Americans 2.Yes, because many of the Incans and other natives living in south America and mexico were killed off by the Spanish peoples germs and diseases 3.Almost 95% of incans an south Americans were wiped out due to new germs, many other south Americans were killed off by the Spanish’s superior weaponry\ Chapter 4

1.Describes how food production came to be by farming and the domestication of animals 2.Yes, much of the food comes from farmers that grow crops or raise animals 3.Some food came from the mutation of other crops, domesticating animals allowed a group of people to quit moving around to gather crops and hunt because they had everything they need right there Chapter 5

1.How food production was developed in only certain areas then spread to others 2.Yes, people in some parts of the world would have been more intelligent than in other parts of the world therefore they developed food production first 3.Food production one developed in some parts of the world first, food production wasn’t in the most fertile areas first, simplest animals and plants were produced first. Chapter 6

1.How some societies became farmers rather that...
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