Guns Germs and Steel

Topics: Guinea, Agriculture, The Westerner Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Guns Germs and Steel
Essay review
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Cydney Dickens
Period 6

Jared Diamond was presented with a very interesting question by a man named Yali, he was asked, “why white men have so much cargo and we new Guineans have so little?” his main answer to question is very simple. He said “it is not based on their race, however it is based on their geographic location” this is basically stating, if they were closer to a different area things would have turned out differently for them, for example Diamond said they could have been the ones to invent helicopters. Mr. Diamond believes the people of New Guinea are more intelligent that the westerns because they have a better knowledge of taking care of themselves then the westerners do. If one person from each area was to be stranded in a desert with nothing to protect them, feed them, or any recourse to keep them alive, the person from new guinea would more than likely survive longer due to the fact that the new Guinean would know how to survive because they have had more practice than surviving unlike the westerner that is depended on other things to feed them and keep them healthy and alive. I think Diamonds response was very interesting it made a lot of sense however I also think it has to do with the fact that back then most of the countries were partnered up and only traded or helped people they knew and trusted. The autocatalytic process is "... what is termed an autocatalytic process: that is, one that speeds up at a rate that increases with time, because the process catalyzes itself." I think this process is something that explains an object that grows and produces by itself. I think farming is an autocatalytic process because the plants grow and produce by themselves, water, sunlight, and all other resources help the process however it’s mostly an automatic process. I think diamond disagrees with the animal distribution because the animals have no idea what cultural...
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