Guns, Germs, and Steel

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Guns, Germs, and Steel theme quotes
“When you have seen the errors in which you live, you will understand the good we have done you by coming to your land by order of his Majesty of the King of Spain. Our lord permitted that your pride should be brought low and that no Indian should be able to offend a Christian.”

That quote shows how high and strong the Christians and European nations thought they were and how that they wanted to make everyone else like them and follow them. With all of their conquests and power they had, England and Spain were still the largest powers in the world at the time. They forced their will on other people such as the Indians. With all of the power that England and Spain had, they shaped much of the modern world.

Religion has played a major role in forming civilizations, taking power, a reason for war, and shaping the world, for example Christianity. In the New World, the Europeans wanted to “Christianize” the Indians because they thought the way they lived was wrong. Just because the Indians weren’t Christian, they were forced into slavery while being converted. Christianity is practiced more than any other religion around the world today. Religion has played a much larger role in shaping the world than anything else ever has.

The theme of the book is how Eurasia evolved from the first civilization in Sumer, has maintained global dominance, and how they shaped it into what it is today. I chose this quote because it shocked me how Christian and European nations thought their way of religion was the best one so they had to force it on other cultures and kill them if they would not submit their ways. Also this quote followed the theme of the book on how Europe controlled most of the world and wanted to control the New World with it.
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