Guns Germs and Steel

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Guns Germs and Steel

Humans have lived on this planet for thousands of years. Over the time, they learned, developed, acquired knowledge, and civilized in the process. Yet, this learning can't be construed to be complete, leaving a lot to be learned. Along the way, human race has evolved by generating vast amounts of food, domestication of plant and animals, along with battles and illnesses. The primitive human who survived on hunting has reformed into modern human as we see today. In the book Guns Germs and Steel, author Jarred Diamond visited human history covering over one million years. In nineteen chapters, he explained the human evolution from hunter gatherers to modern humans along with vast food production, plant and animal domestication, battles and illnesses that ruled the Earth. According to Diamond, world advanced from the hunter gatherers to modern humans at different rates and it was all connected to the domestication and food production (or guns, germs and steel). The world’s past is also about societies and how they changed and developed over the time. The entire spectrum of human development and evolution can be understood in relation to developed societies all around the world after reading this paper. The time period that is covered in the book is quite large and starts at around eleven thousand BC and helps show how the world would have been if it started all in the same pace. Food production and animal and plant domestication is emphasized and can be found in the situation that each chapter is in. In many chapters you will also find wars and how men like Francisco Pizzarro wasted lots of steel. Jarred Diamond created a work of scientific based theories and fascinating history that will keep any reader at the edge of their seat. This essay I made is to show the fascinating history our world has seen from the masterpiece of work created by Jarred Diamond. After reading this paper, I hope you get a complete synopsis of the book and I highly recommend reading this book. Explore the past and travel through time as you learn about ancient history.

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Chapter 1: Up to the Starting Line
Everything starts from creation and reproduction. Human evolution started with apes. Around 11000 B.C apes slowly evolved into gorillas, which evolved into chimps and finally into humans. At this point, the new species had evolved into an in between stage and hadn’t adapted to what we are now called as proto-humans. The closest proto-human to a regular human was the Homo erectus, a species that dated from 1 to 1.8 million years ago. About half a million years later, the Homo erectus started to change and obtained larger and rounder skulls known as Homo-sapien. After extensive research on the Homo sapien, the only remains found were stone tools most likely to be from the Clovis Culture- a culture in New Mexico who used stone tools.

Chapter 2: A Natural Experiment of History
Two of the oldest civilizations on Earth are the Maoris and the Moriori that lived near east of New Zealand. In Polynesia on November 19th, 1835, five hundred Maori armed with guns, clubs, and axes attacked Moriori settlements, announcing that they were now their slaves. The Moriori people believed in peace and decided to offer a division of their resources in an attempt for unity. Before the offer was discussed, they were attacked and forced to be slaves. Around 1000 A.D, the Maori changed their ways and became part of the Moriori. They colonized at the Chatham Islands and split up in opposite directions. Maori people developed into more complex and Moriori became less complex in the field of technology and political organizations.

Chapter 3: Collision at Cajamarca
An example of a well-known event in history is Francisco Pizarro's conquest over the Incan emperor (Atahualpa) at Cajamarca, Peru. In Collision at Cajamarca, we revisit the most popular European- Native American...
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