Guns Are Harmful

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  • Published : November 4, 2010
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In these next several of paragraphs I am going to explain to you why guns are harmful to people. The first paragraph is about how they kill people. The second will contain why people use them in the wrong way. The third is about how kids think they are toys. And the last one is about how everybody has to have one.

Guns can kill people whether they wanted it to happen or not. Sometimes you just cannot help when the gun goes off. People kill people with guns on the daily bases out of anger or revenge. I can say I had about three people in my family die because of a gun. It is one of the worst things knowing that someone had that much anger not to talk out a problem they wanted them dead. It is really not something you want to play around with. Because once you kill that person you cannot bring them back. Just knowing you killed a person with a gun is just as bad as you using it. After they use the gun to kill someone they try and hide it so they don’t get in trouble for the crime. But how I see it is, you do the time for your crime. Sometimes incent by standers get hit because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s not far on the incent by standers part. They lost their life because of someone stupid mistake or someone else grudge.

Second reason is people use them in the wrong way. People use them to scare other people, rob people, pistol whip people and to fit in with the crowd. This is not good reasons to use a gun. Guns are meant to protect you in an emergency situation. That is why we have so many different deaths in the world now because people are not using them responsibly. People fight with guns now instead of talking it out. Using them to scare someone is not safe. Because if you try and scare someone and your gun gets jam then what happens? People fail to realize when you’re not using a gun the right way; it may back fire on you. Then once that happens you may hurt or kill yourself. When you have to use a gun to scare someone...
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