Gung Ho Summary

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Gung Ho! By Ken Blanchard

Gung Ho was a story about a small town factory that was underperforming, and a new manager and seasoned employee who used the below principals to turn the plant into a world-class process.

The Spirit of the Squirrel
„ÏWorthwhile work
„XLeading to shared goals
„ÏI try to ensure the work I do is driving value for the firm, and find ways to reduce unnecessary tasks that create additional administrative burden on others. For example, I stopped sending monthly SOX emails to the finance department because I felt they were not communicating any valuable news and were just another email others had to read.

The Way of the Beaver
„ÏIn control of achieving the goal
„XA playing field with clearly marked territory
„XThoughts, feelings, needs and dreams are respected, listened to and acted upon „XAble but challenged
„ÏWhen a clear ¡§playing field¡¨ is not given to me, I ask what is expected and what the boundaries are, and focus on evaluating the process and ways I can improve it. I also try to given clear guidelines for projects I guide others on. For my Audit Committee deliverable, I am constantly receiving input from others that I work with and putting more efficient and effective controls in place, and reducing unnecessary burden. For example, instead of printing and reprinting sections for the Audit Committee several times for 50 books, I focus only on the 5 books that go to the Board of Directors members. Once the BOD members books are out to Fedex, I start printing the remainder books as final, not having to worry about switching out pages or sections from last minute changes, saving printshop capacity from reprinting a large number of files unnecessarily, and also saving money from the printshop fees.

The Gift of the Goose
„ÏCheering others on
„ÏI strive to celebrate success often for small and big projects and...
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