Gung Ho Case Study

Topics: Negotiation, Decision making, Individualism Pages: 4 (1243 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Question 1: Identify and discuss the basic Japanese values. What impact do these values have on Japanese business dealings? To what extent is it important for non-Japanese to be aware of Japanese values?

As far as my understanding of the movie Gung Ho, there are some basic Japanese values worth being analyzed for example, Japanese shows high level of politeness. During the early scene of the Japanese making their way out of the airplane, the Americans spreads out red carpet and the Japanese naturally take off their shoes. Japanese also tend to bow down on someone regardless who or what relationship do they have with that particular person. Another example was that, the Japanese shown in this movie tend to work collectively than individually. They apply values such as team work and make collectivism as one of their main competency. One more examples I can identify from the movie is that the Japanese has high tendency to be more respectful to their elderly or their managers/bosses by takings any means necessary to satisfy and complete their bosses’ orders and instructions.

These values, as seen in the movie, have big impacts on business dealings, which are mostly showed by the Japanese executive, Mr. Takahara Kazuhiro and also Mr. Hunt Stevenson. There are several misunderstanding and clash of ideas whenever Mr. Hunt Stevenson and Mr. Kazuhiro are in a business meeting or discussion. For example, Hunt and Mr. Kazuhiro involved in a big argument when Hunt insisted that the workers should receive raises and job will be given to those who are unemployed. Mr. Kazuhiro also stated that Hunt is supposed to do his job of controlling and convincing the workers to follow the new rules planted by the Japanese management team. Mr. Kazuhiro shows strict and high expectancy on Mr. Stevenson’s productivity in doing his job, while Mr. Stevenson thinks that Mr. Kazuhiro needs to be more people-oriented or starts considering the individualism value of the workers.

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