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Gundam Wing

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Gundam Wing
I’m skipping the intro because I suck at those, so I’ll get straight to the point. Heero. Relena. Together, couple, got it? No? Weeeeeeell, in that case you’re in for it because I’m about to get longwinded as to the when, where, and why of their cute little teenage anime relationship. If you’re a 1x2 fan or a Relena hater, please swallow your vomit and try to look at things from someone else’s views. I’ve read plenty of 1x2 essays on why they are sooooo perfect for one and another and how Heero loves Duo oh-so-much or five pages of reasons to hate Relena and I’ve been to all the Relena-hate shrines and have managed NOT to flame the writer/webmistress to kingdom come, so if you could show the same self-restraint and vomit swallowing ability, I’d appreciate it. Told you I suck at intros. To begin with, I would like to say that Relena is not some little lovesick puppy tagging along where Heero goes. She’s a remarkably complex character created by a guy who’s not too good at making female characters, which would explain the trillions of personality flaws all the Gundam Wing gals have. Let’s take a peek at Relena’s life in as GW begins. Here we have a spoiled, bored girl who basically has everything and doesn’t want it. She’s kind of like Rose in ‘Titanic,’ a ‘poor little rich girl, screaming in a crowded room and no one bothers to look up.’ (That’s not an exact quote, I don’t like that movie much, and haven’t seen it in a while.) Anyway, all Relena’s ‘friends’ only like her because she’s so rich and elevates them in social standings of they are seen with her. Relena’s not the type of girl to hate people, so she’s probably pretty indifferent towards them. She doesn’t pay much attention when they talk to her, you know. She apparently doesn’t think her parents care about her all that much. Normal teenager thing. She likes mystery novels, Paygan did ask if she was reading a new one. Let’s review: she lives in a high class life that a down-to-earth kind of...

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