gun violence

Gun violence in the United States, Jealousy, Infidelity

Aggression, conflict, stress, frustration, anger these and more emotions are all linked to self-defeating emotions that impact on our cognitive, mental and emotional capacity to function normally. When aggression is not properly and accordingly dealt with it can lead to various detrimental consequences for the individual and surrounding members. Individuals struggling have an inner urge to cause and inflict pain onto others. One way is via the usage of guns. The usage of guns in America is not an eerie or foreign concept to America. In fact gun violence can be depicted as a culture in America. More than 31 000 people per year in America die from gunshot wounds (Hopkins, 2012) However the usage of mass gun violence is not just restricted to America, here in South Africa, our country is ranked 50th with a rate of 12.7 guns per 100 people. The big question is ‘Why and how did mass shooting becomes such a common phenomenon both internationally has and locally? What drives people into committing such heinous acts of violence? This assignment will answer these questions and as well demonstrate the link of aggression to violence and how people’s attitudes are formed in regards to guns and gun violence. 2. AN OVERVIEW OF GUN VIOLENCE

“Aggression can be defined as behaviour directed towards the goal of harming another living being who is motivated to avoid such treatment” (Mynhardt, Baron & Byrne, 2009, p.95) Gun violence refers to the inappropriate use of guns in circumstances that it is not needed. It may also refer to the illegal use and ownership of guns especially when it is used to intentionally harm, injure and kill other individuals regardless of the mental condition of the individual that engages in gun violence. America is known and seen as a developed and rich prosperous country. However beneath this is a bloody picture enfolded by bloodshed and death. Many of these deaths stemming from the uncontrollable, escalating usage of guns legally...
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