Gun Shooting on American Campus

Topics: Virginia Tech massacre, Firearm, Columbine High School massacre Pages: 4 (1380 words) Published: February 6, 2011
Reflection on Gun Shooting on American Campus

Nowadays the campus violence problem becomes a hot topic which arouses more and more people to be concerned about campus gun shooting. People in the world have heard and seen this kind of tragedy over and over in the news. The Safety of United States schools was seriously questioned by the world when in the news all we heard about was there was another shooting in an American high school or university. According to “School Shooting Statistics” which I searched from “Top10 Crimes” website, there are more than 40 shootings on American campus from 1996 – 2009. The gun shooting on American campus is a serious problem that is worth thinking about, because all the parents hope their children can be safe in school and everyone in the world wants a happy and complete family. Before I came here, I couldn’t help to think can I be safe here, because I was scared by the news which were reported. I plan to study in America for a few years. Safety is the thing my parents care about the most. Both my parents and I hope I can live in a peaceful campus, which is why gun shooting problems really interested me to investigate about. I want to know why gun shootings happened frequently on American campus. Who should be responsible for those tragedies? What the society, school and parents can do to prevent tragic shootings from happening?

The United States is a country which advocates liberty. No other country puts as much emphasis on “freedom” as the United States. Anyone has the right to speak and write without fear of persecution, to demand political change, to parade against what they are unsatisfied with, to worship God or any other religions, etc. They have the freedom to do what they want to do, including buy guns. Guns may be a method of self-protection, but they are also a guaranteed way to end a life, because the person who was shot in vital areas will die quickly. The lethality of a gun is much higher than a knife or rod....
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