Gun Nation

Topics: Gun Control, Firearm, Firearms Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Gun Nation

In 2012, there was 9 school shootings in the US. And in 2013, there have already been 8 so far. And while the teenagers or psychopaths responsible for these were (and are), indeed, unpredictable, the attitude towards these shootings in the US is: “Guns don’t kill people. Crazy people kill people.”

Of the 25 mass shootings (defined by 12 deaths or more), in the last 50 years, 15 occurred in the US. Second place is Finland with two. And by the looks of it, these statistics aren’t going to change in the near future. On the contrary, these shootings are getting more and more frequent. And the Americans might be right about crazy people killing people. Crazy people do kill people. With guns.

How did the crazy people get those guns? The fact that there are 50.000 gun shops in the US, (double the number of Starbucks shops in the whole world) might have something to do with it. The combination of easily accessible guns and these crazies results in 30.000 deaths caused by guns per year, or a tad over 80 deaths per day. One might think that crazies in other countries must have found another way to kill people, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. So why is it that there are so many crazies accumulated in the USA? Could it be that this gun culture is not only providing crazies with ways to act out their rage, but is also fostering crazies?

The paranoia of living in a country where there is a gun for every single household must be pressuring the rest of the nations into buying guns. After all, how are you supposed to feel safe if people with guns surround you? So average Americans give in to the peer pressure, which, by the way, is basic human nature, and keep weapons in their homes, easily accessible guns for whom ever residing there, including children, teenagers and other momentarily crazy people. For crazy people might not be crazies all the time, and I think that most of us can relate to the feeling of anger, sometimes leading us to getting...
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