Gun Laws in New Jersey

Topics: Firearm, Gun Control, Handgun Pages: 4 (1467 words) Published: April 14, 2008
New Jersey has decent laws for handheld firearms but they are not good enough. New Jersey is a extremely populated state. For such a small state with so many people, New Jersey needs strict firearm laws, to keep things safe. The problem of New Jersey’s unsafe handgun laws can be solved by more strict laws and tracking devices because many handguns are bought, used, sold, and transported illegally.

Of all firearms, citizens abuse the laws of handguns the most. When you hear or read on the news about a homicide or robbery case, most of the time the weapon used is a handgun. They are not very hard to purchase, they can be easily concealed, they are not hard to sell and buy illegally, and they are powerful for their size. This makes the handgun the most practical weapon for a person to use even if it is for illegal use. A handgun is a gun that can be fired with one hand and usually is semi-automatic. An example of a handgun is a pistol or a revolver. Handguns laws are strict but they are not strict enough. To purchase a handgun, a permit is required. But no ID card is required, this makes it easy to fake an identity and purchase a handgun illegally. To acquire a permit you must get it through the New Jersey State Police. A flawless background of crimes, mental health, and drug dependency and a minimal age of 21 is needed to get the permit (NRA-ILA 2).

It is illegal to sell, give, transfer, assign, or otherwise dispose of, or receive, purchase, or otherwise acquire a handgun unless the purchaser, assignee, donee, receiver, or holder is licensed as a dealer under New Jersey law or has first secured a Permit to Purchase a handgun (NRA-ILA 2). That law sounds good but still the majority of guns are sold, bought, transferred and acquired illegally.

When a handgun is bought from a legal seller, with a license from the state of New Jersey, it is not registered. This means the buyers information is not recorded with the gun purchase....
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