Gun Debate

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Gun Ownership
Rachael Hammersley
Baker College

Being a parent is difficult but what is most difficult is worrying about the safety of children. Parents all over the nation must have felt this way the day of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. Long before this shooting, there were many others just like it and in every shooting the infamous debate of guns and gun control arise. In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting the debate is now, more than ever, being discussed in politics. Should guns be taken away from everyday citizens and left just to the government? Should the people have the right to protect themselves? These are questions that are now being answered. Allen's article is very effective because of the credible supports he uses for his claims, the tone he uses to address is audience, and the chronological organization he has.

In Guns & America by Frederick Allen, Allen shows his view on the situation. Allen (2011) states that as a part of Americas’ history guns will always be a part of America. He tells of how guns were the only reason America has its freedom from Britain and how throughout history guns have helped American keep its freedom (Allen, 2011). From the 1980’s through 2008 the gun debate fumed until a final decision was made by the Supreme Court that the second amendment does hold the right of the people to own guns (Allen, 2011). Though Allen does not come out at fully state his opinion on gun control we can tell by the credible sources he uses to support his claims that he is for everyday citizen gun ownership.

Allens’ sources are very credible which makes his article very effective in proving his point. The main source is the 2008 Supreme Court ruling of District of Columbia v. Heller. This source is credible because it is a public court ruling that determines whether or not the second amendment upholds a persons’ right to carry a handgun (United States, 2012). Other sources include history references such as the Revolutionary war...
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