Gun Control the Bad and the Ugly

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Guns, just one simple word that can change someone’s life forever. When someone thinks of a guns they think of danger, murder and bad intentions. Not only are they dangerous but just the sight of them looks frightening too. A gun is like a car (only smaller), they can take someone’s life in a matter of seconds. Some people need them for their job, like if one is in the army, a police officer or a hunter. People who own a gun who don’t know how to use it properly are the equivalent to an accident waiting to happen. Guns should be controlled because it is a very dangerous weapon, the number of incidents will go down, and people will feel safer.

One reason guns should be controlled is because they are a very dangerous weapon. Guns can kill someone in a instant, they are not just toys that you can play around with. “When there is a big crime, I carry my gun. When there isn’t I don’t.” (Bob Lonsberry. This man takes owning a gun a light matter. He thinks that he should be prepared because “It's also stupid. Because crime is rarely expected -- at least against people like you and me -- it is almost always random. It strikes like lightning, in some unpredictable way in places unexpected and unforeseen.” (Bob Lonsberry. Bob, is taking away the jobs of the police. The police are there to protect you. That is there job, when they sign the contract saying that “LAPD officers risk their lives every day to give us a sense of security," (council President Eric Garcetti. articles.latimes) Police men are one of the few people who actually need a gun for a job. Some other jobs that require a gun are a hunter, a body guard, and a soldier in the army. A soldier in the army definitely needs a gun more than a regular civilian. Gun control would be a good thing to have because even if someone said that they were a hunter and they got a guns that can shoot more than 3 rounds at a time, that would be peculiar because there aren’t many times that...
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