Gun Control Policy and Its Effectiveness

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  • Published : April 24, 2001
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The violence in today's world, has become ordinary and common. This violence causes a staggering number of deaths and injuries throughout the world. The main weapon used to engage in violence is the gun. That's why I want a strict gun control policy that would nearly abolish guns and make the world a safer place. This policy would make it impossible to buy guns and would only allow hunters to "rent" guns. By doing this, violence, related to guns, would greatly and rapidly decrease. On April 20th, 1999, 2 friends from Columbine, Colorado came to school. They had a diabolical plan to try and kill as many people as possible. They were well prepared and had thought out their plan carefully. Together they had 4 guns with them when they began their "operation". It resulted in the biggest gun issue in the U.S. to date. 12 students and a teacher were killed, that's not including the 2 killers who committed suicide shortly after the murders. Around 20 others were injured. This single act at Columbine high school sparked a question in American society, is our gun control policy strong enough? I say it isn't, with all the deaths and or related to violence in our country today, it's nearly nearly impossible to ignore it. I say we need a very strict gun control policy. An after disaster

s like Columbine, a lot of people agree with me. Unfortunately, the government just can't snap their fingers and automatically have a gun control policy. Like all laws and regulations, it must go through congress and if it gets through that, then it has to be signed by the president. Many gun control policies and been proposed in congress and most haven't even made it through a committee. According to the article "Gun Control vs. Gun Rights", on, the government only takes action on gun control when a disaster

occurs or when a well known figure is killed. In my eyes, this is entirely true considering that when a "normal everyday joe" is killed,...
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