Gun Control Policy

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  • Published: May 13, 2013
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|Thomas College: MBA | |MG 562 - Public Administration | |[Gun Control Policy] | |[Changes in Gun Control Policy; From the Beginning of Government Regulations until the Present] | | | |[pic] |

|BRIDGET SANIPAS | |March 27, 2013 |

Bridget Sanipas

Stefano Tijerina

MG 562 Public Administration

March 27, 2013
Gun Control Policy is in the news again because of the massive killings at the school in Connecticut recently. Gun Control has been a topic up for debate for many years in the United States. It may not have been on people’s forefront of most people’s political agenda though. It usually comes up when something happens that is awful in the public and goverments eyes. Because it isn’t always on their political agenda the special interest groups have played a prominent role in shaping public discourse and influencing governmental decision making. The specialist interest groups that are in favor of Gun Control Policies have been organized better than the ones that oppose the Gun Control Policy. This is why they are able to twart strict regulations in the area of gun control.

Firearms usage has increased tramendously in our society by the criminals and children. The inadequacy of current legislation has...
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