Gun Control Outline

Topics: Firearm, Crime, Gun politics in the United States Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: May 30, 2013
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Outline for Argumentative Essay

Gun Control
I. Introduction
a. One of the most talked about issues not only in the political scene, but the economic and social is whether or not the current gun control laws should be replaced or stay as is. b.
I.In the recent years a lot of tragic gun related accidents have happen that have made President Obama and other government officials question the laws we have in place today. II. Sandy hook
III. controversy
IV. Republican, Democratic differences
c. Changing Gun control is not the solution to reducing violent crimes. It is our Constitutional right to bear arms therefor the government should push for criminal control not gun control. II. Body

a. In 2012 the Right-To-Carry laws set responsible and reasonable rules that have been proven to reduce gun related violence and follow the guidelines of the Second Amendment, the right the bear arms. RTC2012 b. Evidence:

I. A law recognized by both state and common law
II. Shall issue laws- provides uniform standards
III. Beard vs U.S (1895) "may repeal force by force" RTC reinforces IV. Gun Control act (1868) RTC reinforces
V. states who have it
a. Crime trends studied of the RTC and other acts shows that giving citizens the right to carry a firearm made the violent crime murder rate drop 8% and rapes and aggravated assaults fell 7%. Gun Laws b. Evidence:

I. 1991= peak of violent crime. 24 states adopted the shall issue laws II. decrease in the national murder rate
III. not one study shows that the RTC increased crime
a. Federal and state laws in place today are keeping restrictions on guns to promote safe and responsible ownership. Gun Laws b. Evidence:
I. National firearm act
II. Brady Act
III. state restrictions (open carry)
a. Obamas' proposal will not only restricting our Constitutional rights but will cost tax payers a lot...
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