Gun Control Outline

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Gun Control Outline
I. Introduction
A. American Dream, means different things to people (needs to be fought for) B To many people, freedom is owning a gun
C. Gun control is strict enough. The United States government puts down laws strict enough to deal with firearms. II. Body
A. Who Can Own A Firearm?
1. Why officials can use firearms
a. Military and authorities use firearms to protect, not to attack b. These people have been trained and know how to handle firearms 2. Why do authorities and military need firearms
a. Military and authorities know how to use them
b. They use them to protect society, when civilians have them, they will most likely be used for good

B. Why Civilians Can Handle Guns
1. Responsibility
a. People use firearms for protection, what do they want protection from? Other people with guns and weapons b. If guns were illegal to the public, then the need to defend ourselves against people with guns would still not even be close to gone 2. Laws

a. If guns were outlawed, then crime rates would maintain their levels or increase (facts insert here) b. Guns can lead to many terrible things such as school shootings that have taken place in the past BUT 3. Guns hurt people, people dont hurt people. Guns need to be in the hands of responsible people. III. Conclusion

A. Guns are not bad things, it’s what you do with them that makes them bad B. In years to come, the use of guns will soon get out of hand C. Banning guns will never solve the problem completely.. it will make criminals more determined to get what they want with other, possibly more dangerous methods other than using a firearm.
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